Mike Bryant
Guitars, vocals
Mike is a native Virginian with a love for her mountain trails, winding rivers, and isolated beaches. He and his wife Theresa have pursued careers in Special Education and have raised their family in central Virginia. They have been involved for many years mikewithguitar1in the children’s’ ministries of their church where Mike leads Praise & Worship activities. Mike has always enjoyed music but became interested in the guitar as a teenager. He played mostly for and with friends at church youth functions and camps. As a busy young adult, he returned to the guitar when his schedule allowed. However, in the early nineties, he and some of his coworkers began playing together to entertain people with disabilities where they worked and Mike began to play more seriously. Today, Mike’s interest in his music is at its highest and he hopes to be playing and singing long into retirement.

markwithguitarMark D. Bradley
Guitars, vocals, harmonica

Mark was completely mesmerized by Les Paul and Mary Ford’s performance at the Indiana State Fair on a visit to his grand parents at age 7. Started guitar lessons at age 8 while living at home with his parents in. When the Beatles were rising to popularity in the summer of 1963, Mark’s family was living outside of London. Mark was 14 when he became inspired by Beatle music, picked up his guitar again and began practicing and jamming with friends.

Mark continued to play guitar in several bands in high school and continued to be influenced by the Beatles and the British Invasion of the Kinks, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Dave Clark Five, The Rolling Stones, Chad and Jeremy, and others.

In about 1992 Mark started playing music with Mike Bryant, Carolyn Bowling, Lafonda Gunter at CVTC. The group started playing for special events and occasions for the residents at the Training Center. The longer the group played together, the more different types of music they learned. Each member of Olde Stuff Band brought their favorite music.
Music is one of the three things Mark loves best. It may have taken a back seat through parts of his life, but will keep him growing, learning and fulfilled till he dies.

carolineCarolyn Bowling
Vocals, rhythm, flute

“Music is a family thing” for me. Grandfather play banjo and Grandma played fiddle at our “home dances.” Both my parents played several instruments and taught my sisters and me three-part harmony. I took piano, fiddle and voice lessons throughout high school. I got into “Old Stuff Band” almost by accident when they asked me to join with them in a Christian songfest at work, and have sung with them ever since. My influences have come from Motown, as well as Joan Biaz, Mary Travers, Cher and Linda Ronstadt.”

randy-in-studio-016Randy Jackson

Most folks call Randy “Sticks!” Randy started playing drums at age nine when his older brother Jack asked him to accompany his guitar playing.

Randy says “I got into seriously playing again when my wife bought me a nice set of Slingerland drums in 1992. She encouraged me to work with various local groups, and I joined “Old Stuff Band” after my sister-in-law Diane hooked us up. She said I would be a good fit, and the band agreed after our first gig. We’ve been playing together for four years now, and we’re enjoying every minute! They are consummate musicians and wonderful people. I love the oldies and that’s what we do best. And by the way, at age 52 I’m the youngest member of the band!”  Bassman George Caylor says Randy is his favorite drummer ever.  Not a bad compliment from a guy who’s played with dozens of rock’s best.

2012-10-19 13 47 23George Caylor,
Bass Guitar
Here’s George on his 69th birthday.  George is the senior citizen of the band. Lead guitarist Mark Bradley remembers listening to George’s band when Mark was still in junior high!

George says he got into stringed instruments because he had asthma as a youth, and didn’t have the breath to march and play a trumpet well. The asthma soon went away, but not his love for guitar and bass. After college he took off with rock bands touring and recording for the next six years. George retired from rock in 1972, but kept music as a hobby, playing guitar and bass at church, wedding receptions, and parties. When Mark Bradley told George that Olde Stuff Band needed a bass player, George saw an easy way to get back into music because he didn’t have to learn a lot of new songs. The Band was already performing his music.

herman-jones1Herman Jones
Keyboards, Vocals

Olde Stuff Band proudly welcomes Herman Jones into their family.  Herman is a Virginian who has seen the world as he defended America.  The men he led called him “Top,” for Top Sergeant.  After retiring from the Army, Herman led once again –  music this time around.  He is music leader in several churches, and loves to play Motown, ballads, jazz in solo acts, and mostly now with Olde Stuff Band.  His smooth vocals, keyboard work, powers his sense of where the song should go.   Herman’s music role models incluede Coltrane, Smoky Robinson, Stevie Wonder.  Herman believes that “music is the soul of the universe, and you can understand a person if you can understand his music.”  You can now hear Herman on “My Girl” and “Mustang Sally” on this site.  Olde Stuff Band is so pleased to welcome Herman into the group. Bass Man George is still celebrating!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh8dVN5hMoU

Hear Herman singing with the Olde Stuff Band… 
Mustang Sally:


My Girl:


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